Player Development Philosophy:

RHAM YS advocates the U.S. Youth Soccer and CJSA Player Development Philosophy that aims to develop the individual
skills of all players through the four components of soccer: Technical, Tactical, Psychological, and Physical.

Implementing age-appropriate training curriculum at all levels to ensure the best development of players. Focus on the
development of players, not the short-term goal of winning a game or medal. Aim to provide a standardized and
structured support plan to players, coaches and parents to implement player-centric programming at every level of the
game. At the end of the day we must remember the game is for the kids, not the parents or the coaches.

The game can be the best teacher. Coaches are expected to provide fair playing time to all. Adjustments can be made
depending on attendance, attitude, behavior, but not for skill. The best way to develop well rounded and confident
players is to provide opportunities to play different roles on the field under varying circumstances. Therefore players
aged 8-12 are to be exposed to a variety of positions (offense/defense), a variety of restarts (kicks, throw-ins, etc.)
throughout the season and not just during less competitive games. The intent is to provide challenges that develop
confidence and not to be so overwhelming that it creates self-doubt. The coach's first priority is the child's development
needs not the quest for victory. Winning is a by-product of quality individual development.

Style of play based on sound technique and tactical understanding teaches players to play with the soccer ball in all areas
of the field. They will play from the back and through the thirds of the field. The goalkeeper will be encouraged to
deliver the ball to the defense then to midfield then moved forward by linking up with the strikers. This is a possession
style with emphasis of comfort on the ball, playing in all directions (360 degree soccer) to retain possession and go
forward to attack when possible. They will be taught that when their team has the ball they are all on offense and when
they lose it they are all defenders. The children need to develop a clear decision making process on the ball, and play
with control and thought. A ‘boot’ or kick away should not be cheered as this play is not promoted by our coaches and
goes against the Club's style of play.

The Club will encourage creativity around the whole team where children are promoted to express themselves without
fear of failure. It is the coach's job to create an environment where it is ok to fail. This will allow for players to try
moves/turns and individual skill without the coach scolding or quashing creative play. The players should have the
freedom to play and learn from their experiences both positive and negative.

Parental support and encouragement plays a HUGE role in a child's athletic experience. A child being on time to
practice and games is important to how the child is perceived by the coach and their teammates. Considering all
children develop at different speeds we ask that you show support for their efforts and not focus on the negatives.
Coaches need to be positive and supportive and parents can carry that support through in the car ride home. Parents are
encouraged to cheer for your child while they are playing but please leave the instructing to the coaches.

RHAM YS strives for every team to be successful and committed to providing a fun activity, youth development, teaching life
lessons, good sportsmanship, and community building, to help develop great kids with a passion for the game of soccer.